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Clinical Sexologist, Certified Relationship Coach, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Sex/Sexuality and Intimacy Coach


Why coaching? Mindfulness is about focusing on the now. Let's identify what's going on in our lives now and identify strategies to move forward. We work with those that are dealing with sexuality issues. We help you navigate the dating scene. We strive to help you find the balance in life and love in your romantic relationships. We provide individual and couples tantra sessions.



Like many I have had my share of heartbreak and dysfunctional relationships. Finding someone whom I could vibe and build with seemed like an impossible task. Then one day I chose to look in the mirror and identify my own core issues. After all, I was the only common denominator in every relationship. I had to recognize and work through the thought patterns that were preventing me from living the most authentic and peaceful life possible. With a focus on helping others to obtain and maintain loving and healthy connections, friends started coming to me for help with their relationship issues. Especially sexuality and intimacy concerns. This ignited a passion in me and I decided to get serious, train, and focus on helping couples to create and sustain loving and healthy connections. Most of the couples I worked with had similar issues, many of which revolved around sex and intimacy. With a strong desire to understand underlying issues and assumptions that impact sexual health, enjoyment and expression, I embarked on my journey to becoming a clinical sexologist, certified relationship coach, and life coach. My why is simple: I want to help others to identify a pathway to move forward and find peace in all things love and sex!

~ Coach  Angel, Founder


To help people love better. This means love of self, love of your mate, and love of your life. To help people  identify obstacles on their road to peace and fulfillment.

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